Market Rules and Policies

These rules are to help make a smooth running market. Your suggestions are always welcome and your compliance will help all of us to have a fun and successful season.


• Vendors are selected by a seniority type system. Vendors in good standing are given first opportunity to return the following year. Vendors who come to all four markets will be given priority over those who pick and chose certain days.


Wednesdays at Littleton’s Aspen Grove Mall

Application Fee $100 Daily Fee $35


Saturdays at Southwest Plaza

Application Fee $100 Daily Fee $50


Saturdays at Lakewood

Application Fee $100 Daily Fee $50


Sundays at Highlands Ranch Town Center

Application Fee $100 Daily Fee $50


A discount of 20% is available for a monthly payment in advance and a 25% discount is available for full season payment.


All absences require full daily fee payment. Notification to the market manager in writing by email or text prior to the absence will reduce the daily fee by $25.


Reserved spot requires monthly payment in advance and no refunds for absence. Daily vendor fees are due by the end of each market.


• Vendors must arrive 30 minutes prior to market start to be able to use their normal spot.


• Vendor must show product liability insurance.


• Vendors must comply with all State and Local Health regulations. Vendors must obtain any state and local permits and are responsible for any taxes.


• Space size is 10 foot by 10 foot. Extending beyond allotted space will result in a additional fees.


• No dissemination of fliers, handbills, posters, signage etc. is permitted without prior approval of managers in writing. Barking or shouting out to attract customers is not allowed.


• Tear down may commence at end of market. Vendors are responsible for cleaning area after use. You must remove trash. Bring a broom if necessary to clean your area during and/or after market.


• You may only bring to sell what has been approved prior to market. If you want to bring a new item, you must make a request in writing to the Market Manager prior to bringing it.


• You must handle you own taxes, insurance and health permits. Please check with each city and/or county and find out their requirements to see if this applies to you. Denver Farmers Market will not be held liable for vendors' actions. The Metro Denver Farmers Market will not be responsible for accidents or lost articles. Liability insurance is the responsibility of each vendor.


• Any scales used in the market must have a current valid inspection seal from Weights and Measures.


• Any sampling or tasting of products must be approved by market manager and all the Health Department guidelines must be adhered to.


• No smoking in booths by vendors. This is a Health Department Rule.


• Adding pot to any food item for sale at Metro Denver Farmers Market is strictly prohibited.


• Any disruptive behavior by booth operator and/ or their employees will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and not be able to sell until permission is granted by market manager to return.


• Rules, if violated, will result in $10.00 fine. All Rules and Regulations violation and vendor acceptance is the sole discretion of the Market Manager.


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